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May 09, 2022
Porcelain veneers are a versatile and incredibly effective option for cosmetically flawed teeth. Placed over the front of teeth, dental veneers are able to correct: Small gaps and spaces Crooked tooth presentation Uneven tooth sizes Irregular tooth shapes Chipped or cracked tooth enamel Severe... Read Full Post
April 07, 2022
April is National Oral Health Month, an effort from the Canadian Dental Health Association (CDHA) to raise awareness of common oral health concerns and preventative measures that can help keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. One of the simplest of these measures is routine cleanings and... Read Full Post
March 10, 2022
Tooth grinding (bruxism) is a stress response that often occurs unconsciously. In many cases, bruxism self-resolves without causing any damage. In some, however, the habit becomes persistent, which may result in a host of serious consequences. Habitual tooth grinding can result in uneven tooth... Read Full Post
Category: TMJ
February 09, 2022
Missing teeth can pose an aesthetic problem, detracting from the overall quality of the smile and producing an undesirable appearance. However, aesthetics are far from the most compelling reason to have missing teeth replaced. Risks posed by missing teeth include: Changes to bite strength and... Read Full Post
Category: Dental Implants
January 11, 2022
A smile makeover is a comprehensive dental treatment during which several general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services can be combined to address all of the functional and aesthetic issues impacting your teeth and gums. Each smile makeover is completely customized to meet the unique needs... Read Full Post
December 14, 2021
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition impacting millions of people throughout the world. The condition is marked by periods of breathing cessation while sleeping and is often accompanied by loud snoring, relentless movement while sleeping, and other issues that may be brought to your... Read Full Post
November 04, 2021
With the Holiday Season approaching, now is a great time to whiten your teeth, helping to ensure the most appealing smile just in time for increased time with family, friends, and colleagues. At Evolution Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening options that can brighten even the dingiest... Read Full Post
September 15, 2021
Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person stops breathing for several seconds, multiple times while sleeping. Symptoms of sleep apnea include: Snoring Choking or gasping noises while sleeping Restlessness Frequent morning headaches Waking without feeling rested If you experience any of these... Read Full Post
August 16, 2021
The start of school in Calgary is September 1st. If it has been longer than six months since your child’s last dental visit, today would be a great day to call our family dental practice and schedule a back-to-school visit. Making sure your child visits our office for cleanings and examinations... Read Full Post
July 13, 2021
Teeth whitening is one of the quickest ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Designed to remove surface stains, topical teeth whitening works to noticeably brighten your smile over the course of just one office visit. Fast, effective, and safe, the in-office teeth whitening offered at our... Read Full Post