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Back to School Teeth Cleaning

The start of school in Calgary is September 1st. If it has been longer than six months since your child’s last dental visit, today would be a great day to call our family dental practice and schedule a back-to-school visit.

When to Floss Your Teeth

As strange as it may sound, it makes a difference at which point, during the course of your daily oral hygiene routine, you floss. And, while the difference is not significant, flossing your teeth before you brush is a more effective way to avoid oral health problems.

Patient education is a cornerstone of our mission at Evolution Dental. Dr. Kendra Schick is committed to helping every patient fully understand the details of his or her condition as well as the treatment she recommends. We care about you and want you to make informed decisions about the direction of your dental care.

This blog is an extension of that commitment to education. Here, we hope to provide you with information about a number of topics related to the health, maintenance and well-being of your oral structure and general well-being.