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Tooth grinding (bruxism) is a stress response that often occurs unconsciously. In many cases, bruxism self-resolves without causing any damage. In some, however, the habit becomes persistent, which may result in a host of serious consequences.

Migraine vs. TMD Headache

June is Migraine Awareness Month – and Migraine Canada, a coalition of doctors and healthcare professionals, is encouraging Canadians to become familiar with both the physical and emotional impact these debilitating headaches can have on those who suffer from them.

"I have a missing tooth. Should I replace it?"

Yes. You should absolutely replace a missing tooth.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

Depending on its location, a missing tooth can have a profound impact on the appearance of your smile. This is, however, far from the largest concern. When one or more teeth is missing, a whole host of oral health issues can follow.

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TMJ, temporomandibular joint disorder, is the name given to a group of disorders that can impact the comfortable and proper alignment of the jaw. The underlying cause of TMJ is not always known, though it may be linked to:

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Orthodontics address bite issues including:

  • Crooked and crowded teeth
  • Gaps and spacing issues
  • Underbite and overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overjet

If you struggle with malocclusion, you may be a good candidate for orthodontics.

Are you experiencing pain, ringing, or difficulty hearing in one or both of your ears? While the obvious cause may seem to be an ear infection, the underlying problem may actually have very little to do with your ears at all. For many, the pain or discomfort they are experiencing in their ears is the result of a misalignment with their jaw, known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). But how can you determine what’s causing your ear pain?

TMJ disorder, also abbreviated TMD, is a condition that causes a number of painful or uncomfortable symptoms. One of the main causes of TMD is a misaligned jaw, which can happen after certain types of dental work. It can also occur due to missing or damaged teeth, which dental work can help to repair.Man sitting on steps, holding head because he has a headache caused by TMJ disorder

Many people, both adults and children, suffer from misaligned teeth. This can cause a number of problems, including issues with the jaw, problems breathing, and higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, crooked teeth are generally not considered attractive and may hurt your first impression on dates or job interviews.Braces help make your smile more attractive | Dr. Kendra Schick | Full Face Orthodontics