4 Snoring Remedies That Can Be Tried At Home

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Snoring can upset and bother spouses and people sleeping in adjacent rooms. It can cause them to lose sleep as a result of the loud noise and snoring can be a sign of something serious for the person doing it. Snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). To reduce the likelihood that someone snores, or obstructs their airway, we’ve curated a list of 5 snoring remedies that can be tried at home.

1. Side Sleeping

Sleep researchers in Isreal examined more than 2,000 sleep apnea patients and found that 54 percent only snored when sleeping on their backs. Back sleeping can causes the tongue to move to the back of the throat, blocking airflow through the throat. Through side sleeping, snorers can reduce or eliminate interrupted breathing while they’re sleeping. 

2. Lose Weight

Carrying extra pounds can increase the severity and frequency of snoring. Additional weight, especially that stored around your neck and face, can create added pressure on the airway during sleep. Through weight loss, snorers can reduce their snoring and in some cases cases sleep apnea.

3. Stop Smoking

This may seem obvious, but if you're a smoker who snores or has sleep apnea, quitting can go a long way to alleviating your symptoms. Nicotine is an adrenal stimulant that increases the heart rate and blood pressure while narrowing airway passages, causing an increase in the potential for airway obstruction while you sleep.

4. Limit or Avoid Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol use can cause an increase in snoring for several reasons. First, alcohol relaxes throat muscles and tongue which can contribute to narrowing airways. For those prone to snoring while sleeping on their back, drinking before bed can worsen their snoring and narrowed airways. Finally, alcohol is a diuretic which can result in dehydration and further limit airway passage due to increased mucus production.

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