Dentistry and the Digital World - iTero 3D Intraoral Scanner

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The mouth is a complicated place, and every person has a unique smile. This means that each mouth comes with a copious amount of information. Advances in dentistry technology has allowed us to explore the mouth in new and interesting ways, one of which is the the iTero 3D Scanner. This novel piece of equipment gives us as dentists the opportunity to map the mouth with near-perfect precision.

The iTero 3D Scanner utilizes laser and optical scanning to digitally capture the surfaces and contours of the teeth and gums. What this means is that we can create a digital map of the mouth with unmatched accuracy and replace the antiquated tray and putty method of making impressions.  A highly specialized scan with the iTero helps in the fabrication of all types of restorations including: veneers, crowns, bridged, onlays, and implants.

So what does this mean for you as a patient? The iTero 3D Scanner gives your dentist a precise map of your mouth for the creation of dental prosthetics. Eliminating the imprecision that comes with conventional impressions, the iTero lowers the rejection rate of any dental restoration. It also improves the communication between the patient, dentist, and laboratory resulting in less time in the dentist chair or waiting on impressions to be made.

A digital scan performed with iTero is digitally perfect. This type of precision virtually eliminates the need to "re-impress" patients and renders remakes a thing of the past. By removing the imprecision that is intrinsic to conventional impression materials, we can deliver more efficient work and keep you smiling longer.

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