Finding the Right Bite - T-Scan Technology

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The T-Scan is a computer guided bite analyzer. It shows in 3D graphics how a patient bites their teeth. It not only displays the location of where teeth contact or bite together, but the force and timing of those contacts.

Why is a Computer Guided Bite Analyzer Useful?

The T-scan's precision can help balance an unbalanced bite.  It can show where "high spots" are on teeth, crowns and bridges.  An unbalanced bite may cause tooth and/or jaw pain; loosening of teeth; breaking of teeth, dental fillings, crowns and bridges; gum recession; and jaw bone destruction.

It can also be especially useful to check bite forces on an implant.  Unlike natural teeth, implants don't have "proprioception" (an awareness of it's position), so it can be difficult for the patient with an implant to tell if they are biting incorrectly.  The T-Scan allows the dentist to precisely control the forces on an implant, which can affect the implant's longevity. 

Watch an informative video about how the T-Scan works Here!

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