Optimal Childhood Facial Development

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Children overcoming what we often incorrectly assume are genetic predispositions to certain physical traits can seem like an unscalable dream. Parents want their children to have a chance at a better life including avoiding the physical limitations they themselves may have experienced. Many facial development malaties however, can be corrected. Treatments such as noninvasive appliances, myofunctional exercises, and good habits, can promote the optimal childhood facial development.

Keys to Optimal Facial Development

The face is primarily made up of two bones, the maxilla, and the mandible. These bones are the upper and lower jaws which do a lot more than hold our teeth. The upper and lower jaws alter:

  • Nasal cavity
  • Airway space
  • Cheekbones
  • Teeth alignment

Early Intervention

The best thing parents can do to ensure the complete development of their children’s faces is to consult with a dentist about their options. Early intervention is crucial because children are still growing and developing. The more malleable and impermanent their features are, the more opportunities a potential treatment could have in encouraging optimal development. 

Potential Treatment Options for Optimal Facial Development

A fully developed face can protect people against disease, ridicule, and poor self-esteem, all of which are especially important for children. Some of the options available for childhood facial growth guidance include:

  • Noninvasive appliances - Orthodontic devices which can stimulate proper jaw development and maintain the balance of the patient’s jaws
  • Myofunctional exercises - Tongue and oral muscle exercises can help children (and adults) train proper oral posture
  • Teaching good habits and correcting poor habits - Correcting bad habits like thumb sucking, teeth grinding, clenching, and mouth breathing can help prevent damage to teeth and reduce the influence of other environmental factors

Health Concerns for People With Underdeveloped Jaws

Ensuring complete jaw and facial development can promote a healthy, attractive face, but it can also prevent the onset of certain conditions. An underdeveloped jaw is often connected to conditions such as:

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