Oral Hygiene

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Our priority at Evolution Dental is to keep your teeth clean to prevent dental problems. Good oral hygiene is a result of proper dental practice at home combined with regular professional hygiene treatments. We will ensure that our patients are getting the proper treatment while at the dental office and provide the proper education and techniques for at home.

Cleaning your teeth is the main part of active oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth prevents tooth decay and tartar build up so that you can avoid cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and remember to use a toothbrush that suits your mouth. A toothbrush that is too soft may not be cleaning properly, and one that is too hard may damage you gums.

Another major component of proper oral hygiene includes regular flossing. Most cavities occur in places where food is trapped that regular brushing cannot reach. Flossing is key in removing the plaque and decaying food that remains stuck in between teeth. Use enough floss so that you can have an unused portion of floss for each tooth and move up and down touching the sides of each tooth. Keep in mind that your gums may bleed if it is your first time flossing in a while, but regular flossing will strengthen the gums.

Proper brushing and flossing at home in combination with regular cleaning visits will ensure that you have optimal dental health. At Evolution Dental, our priority is to prevent dental issues beforehand so that you do not need any unnecessary trips to the dentist.

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