Ozone in Dentistry -Stop the Decay Process With O3

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Ozone (O3) has many applications in dentistry and has been safely used in medicine and dentistry for many years. We know that the underlining cause of cavities, periodontal disease and infections in the mouth is bacteria. Ozone treatment in the form of ozone gas or ozone infused water disinfects the infected area producing an "oxidative burst" to kill potentially harmful microorganisms and therefore eliminating the bacteria. This allows for a heathier enviroment for healing by increasing blood flow and can enhance the body's immune response.

As the awareness of Ozone Therapy increases, the potential uses in dentistry are expanding. Studies indicate that the elimination of harmful bacteria in the body often must begin with bacterial control in the mouth. Whether is for cavity prevention for your child or to aid in treatment of your oral infection, ask your dentist how Ozone can help improve the overall heath of you and your family.