Should I Consider Full Face Orthodontics?

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Full face orthodontics, also known as functional orthopedic orthodontics or epigenetic orthodontics, is a holistic approach to straightening teeth. With full face orthodontics, jaw growth is guided along with the straightening of the teeth, helping to ensure ideal alignment while improving the appearance and function of the jaw.

Full face orthodontics considers the health and positioning of the jaw and works to provide sufficient room for all of your teeth to fit comfortably in your bite. Whereas traditional braces pull on the teeth to move them backwards into their ideal alignment, full face orthodontics involves a growth appliance that allow teeth to shift into their natural position.

Improving facial structure with a growth appliance can improve the appearance of a weak jaw, provide gentle lift to the lips and cheeks, and produce a much more attractive and strong smile.

Benefits offered by full face orthodontics include:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved comfort in bite
  • Correction of underdeveloped jaws
  • Reduction in sleep apnea symptoms
  • Lower risk of developing TMJ

Full Face Orthodontics Candidates

Because full face orthodontics deals with the growth of the jaw, it is often most beneficial for young patients. However, adults can benefit from guided growth in combination with orthodontics as well, making this option suitable for patients of all ages, providing their orthodontic needs require a more comprehensive approach.

The best way to learn if any treatment is right for you is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Schick at Evolution Dental in Calgary. During this visit, Dr. Schick can carefully evaluate your teeth and all surrounding structures to help you determine the most effective course of treatment.

Full face orthodontics are not necessary in every case, but taking a holistic approach to orthodontic care allows us to customize treatment for each patient. If you have dealt with malocclusion and are curious about the safest and most effective treatment options, please use the contact form on this page or call our Calgary, Alberta office at 403-208-9965 to schedule your consultation today.