TikTok Is Teaching Users About Facial Symmetry

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One of TikTok’s popular trends, known as “the symmetrical challenge,” uses a symmetry filter to superimpose a mirrored reflection of one side of a user’s face over the other. As many tiktokkers are learning, facial symmetry isn’t as common as they may have previously thought. One possible explanation for this is unbalanced jaw development. Because the jaw acts as the foundation of the face, if it doesn’t develop to the degree that it should, it can throw off a person’s entire facial symmetry.

How Does Jaw Development Tie into Dentistry? 

Complete jaw development provides teeth enough space to align properly. Optimally aligned teeth in turn, provide a preferred look cosmetically and function better overall. When teeth have enough space to position themselves correctly, people often enjoy more facial symmetry as well. 

What Does This Mean for TikTok Users?

As evidenced by TikTok creators’ on-video reactions to their face inversions, asymmetrical faces are less than ideal for many people. One option for TikTok users could be to consult with a dentist about their treatment options. TMJ dentistry and full face orthodontics methodologies host a wide array of treatment options, which if deemed suitable for the patient by the dentist could help alleviate asymmetry.

What Causes Asymmetry?

A person’s face could be asymmetrical for several reasons. While a variety of things may contribute to a lack of facial symmetry, some of them include:

  • Genetics
  • Dental Work
  • Aging
  • Lifestyle Habits
  • Injury

What can people control when it comes to trying to avoid asymmetry? When it comes to lifestyle habits, behaviors like sleeping position, posture, and diet may also contribute to better symmetry.

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