Whiten Teeth Now for a Bright Holiday Smile

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With the Holiday Season approaching, now is a great time to whiten your teeth, helping to ensure the most appealing smile just in time for increased time with family, friends, and colleagues. At Evolution Dental, we offer professional teeth whitening options that can brighten even the dingiest smile, allowing you to look your best and feel your most confident no matter what the season brings.

What’s Wrong With Store-Bought Whitening Kits?

There is nothing wrong with store-bought tooth whitening kits, they simply don’t work as well as professional treatment options. Even those that come with application trays that can be molded to your teeth offer inconsistent results – and the strength of the bleaching gel used in these kits is not strong enough to address more pronounced or severe staining. In fact, they sometimes make it worse by lightening the enamel surrounding deep stains, which can serve to highlight discoloration.

Professional teeth whitening kits come with customized application trays. These trays are crafted specifically for your smile, helping to ensure each tooth is whitened consistently while also reducing the risk of solution seepage, which serves to protect soft tissue from unnecessary irritation. While more powerful than store-bought options, many professional teeth whiteners are formulated to reduce sensitivity and strengthen tooth enamel. This serves the dual purpose of increasing comfort while helping to keep treated teeth healthy and strong. These benefits might far outweigh the convenience of store-bought kits, making teeth whitening from our office a better option for people looking for the most reliable solution.

We Are Here for You

Topical tooth whiteners are not the right choice for every need. Some stains, particularly deep stains, may be better served with a cosmetic dentistry service such as porcelain veneers or dental bonding. One of the advantages of working with a dentist to whiten your teeth is the variety of treatment options that become available. Acting now gives us time to plan treatment and perfect your smile before the busiest parts of the Holiday Season begins.

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