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April 03, 2014
The T-Scan is a computer guided bite analyzer. It shows in 3D graphics how a patient bites their teeth. It not only displays the location of where teeth contact or bite together, but the force and timing of those contacts. Why is a Computer Guided Bite Analyzer Useful? The T-scan's precision can... Read Full Post
September 07, 2012
Dental X-Rays have been common practice in dentistry for decades as they are a crucial supplemental tool for any dental care. X-rays are used to expose hidden tooth decay, reveal abscesses, cysts, tumors, impacted teeth and extra teeth. With the development of digital technology, the benefit and... Read Full Post
September 06, 2012
Our priority at Evolution Dental is to keep your teeth clean to prevent dental problems. Good oral hygiene is a result of proper dental practice at home combined with regular professional hygiene treatments. We will ensure that our patients are getting the proper treatment while at the dental... Read Full Post
July 04, 2012
The mouth is a complicated place, and every person has a unique smile. This means that each mouth comes with a copious amount of information. Advances in dentistry technology has allowed us to explore the mouth in new and interesting ways, one of which is the the iTero 3D Scanner. This novel piece... Read Full Post
March 02, 2012
The Opalescence Whitening System is a fast and effective way to whiten your teeth with little to no sensitivity. Its unique whitening chemistry allows your teeth to absorb the oxygen present in the Opalescence whitening gel, which then breaks down stains in the teeth. The result is a smile many... Read Full Post