Tooth-Colored Fillings

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Fillings are used to restore a tooth cavity, small chips, or to replace existing defective fillings. They are bonded in place and are made to match your natural tooth. The dental fillings we use are bonded, tooth-colored composite resins. They have similar properties to a natural tooth, therefore remaining functional, beautiful, and conservative.

White Dental Fillings | Evolution Dental Uses NO Mercury!A filling is recommended where the damage to the tooth is not too extensive. If a significant portion of the tooth has been compromised by decay, breakage or cracks, a porcelain onlay or crown may be more appropriate to give you a long-lasting restoration.

We Do Not Endorse Mercury Metal Fillings

In contrast, metal mercury tooth fillings require much more tooth to be cut away to place them, as they are not bonded. They often expand and contract over time, causing stress fractures and cracks (think of a mercury thermometer). These cracks can cause part of the tooth to break off, the nerve to die, or the root to split. Unfortunately, we see this damage all of the time, which is why our office is metal mercury filling free.

If you need to fix a tooth or replace a worn out metal filling, please contact Evolution Dental today by calling 403-208-9965 to discuss our tooth-colored filling options. Dr. Kendra Schick and her team proudly serve all of Calgary, nearby communities like Cochrane and other areas of Alberta.