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Here at Evolution Dental, we believe in creating the best results for your health and your appearance through full face orthodontics. Instead of just focusing on the teeth, we instead take into account the entire jaw for a more complete picture. This allows us to avoid extractions as well as common post-braces complications like TMJ disorder.Orthodontic treatment for adults and children | Evolution Dental | Calgary

If you have mildly to severely misaligned teeth, an under or overbite, or crowded teeth that other dentists may have recommended extractions for, please come see Dr. Kendra Schick for a comprehensive evaluation and orthodontic treatment plan. Call us at 403-208-9965 to schedule a consultation for yourself or your child.

What Is Full-Face Orthodontics?

Full face orthodontics, also known as functional orthopedic orthodontics or epigenetic orthodontics, is a method of straightening the teeth while also guiding growth of the jaw in order to create enough space for all of your teeth to live comfortably. It is a more holistic way of looking at orthodontics that allows for not only straight teeth, but also a more attractive and healthy jaw.

Benefits of full face orthodontics include:

  • Less risk of developing TMJ
  • Improvement of sleep apnea
  • Correction of underdeveloped jaws
  • Expansion of jaw so that all teeth fit comfortably
  • Better profile and appearance due to fully developed jaw
  • Improvement of posture due to connection to cervical spine

Full face orthodontics is a long and complex procedure that requires patience and ability to look at the long term. It is not a quick fix or a purely cosmetic treatment such as Invisalign. However, the results will be greatly worth it in the end.

Who Can Benefit from Full Face Orthodontics?

Adults and children both can benefit from full face orthodontics. It is better to have the treatment as early as possible, as children are still growing and the jaw can be guided more easily. However, with technological advances and greater insight into growth patterns of the jaw and teeth, adults can also benefit from this treatment.

No matter the condition of your teeth, whether you have mild crookedness or severe crowding that in the past would require extractions, Dr. Schick will look not just at your teeth but at your whole face and jaw in order to create the best and most comprehensive orthodontic plan for you. Not everyone needs an intensive course with jaw guidance, but it is highly important to make sure that your jaw will still be aligned properly with no risk of joint instability and TMJ disorder after your teeth are straightened.

Dr. Schick places the health of her patients first, and enjoys helping adults and children alike achieve proper jaw structure and beautiful, straight, healthy teeth.

Schedule Your Orthodontic Treatment Consultation

If you or your child has crooked, crowded, gapped, or otherwise misaligned teeth, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Schick today by calling 403-208-9965. She will perform a comprehensive evaluation using sophisticated diagnostic equipment and recommend a treatment plan customized to your unique needs.

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