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If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth and would like to get a straighter, more attractive smile, Evolution Dental offers a number of options that match a variety of needs, lifestyles and preferences. Dr. Schick’s approach to orthodontics takes more than just your smile into account – she considers your total oral health and general wellbeing.

If you live in or around Calgary, Alberta, and you want to learn more about which orthodontic solution is best for your goals, budget and lifestyle, please contact Evolution Dental today by completing the form on this page or calling 403-208-9965 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kendra Schick.


Many patients neglect orthodontic treatment because they want to avoid the appearance and maintenance requirements of traditional metal braces. Fortunately, there is an effective alternative to conventional braces that allows you to achieve a straight, beautiful smile.

Invisalign® utilizes a series of clear, plastic aligner trays to slowly and gently nudge your teeth into a healthy and attractive position. Invisalign treatment usually requires less time than metal braces to achieve desired results.

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Most patients who choose Invisalign enjoy benefits including:

  • Most people won’t notice: For many adults, the prospect of wearing metal braces is undesirable for purely aesthetic reasons. If you are afraid of having “brace-face,” Invisalign can provide you with the discrete treatment you’re looking for. The clear plastic material used for your aligners will be virtually unnoticeable to others.
  • Comfortable fit: Invisalign aligner trays are made of smooth plastic that are molded specifically to your mouth’s contours. Your mouth won’t be irritated by metal brackets and you won’t need to endure routine tightening appointments that accompany traditional braces.
  • Removable aligners: You can conveniently remove your Invisalign aligner trays when brushing your teeth or eating. Not only does this ensure you get the most out of your daily oral hygiene regimen, it allows you to continue to eat all the foods you love.
  • Customized treatment: Your Invisalign aligner trays will be made specifically for you. This ensures that your individual orthodontic needs are addressed.
  • Fewer visits to the dentist: Since there are no wires or brackets that need tightening, Invisalign requires fewer follow-up office visits.

The Invisalign Procedure

Dr. Schick will make an impression of your teeth at your initial visit. The Invisalign lab will use this impression to create a tailored set of aligner trays for your treatment.

You will come back to our office once the lab has created your aligners to receive the first tray in your series. Aligner trays are typically worn for a couple of weeks to gently move your teeth closer to their desired position. Once you have worn your initial aligners for the appropriate amount of time, you will be given the next aligner in the series. The process will continue until your treatment is ultimately complete.

Traditional Orthodontics – Braces

Braces for Kids and Adults | Orthodontics CalgaryOrthodontic treatment can help correct a number of issues beyond straightening teeth, such as correcting jaw pain, and overbite and an underbite.  Braces are a tried-and-true orthodontic treatment that can help straighten the smiles of both the children and adults in your family.

Through constant pressure, braces shift the teeth gradually over time. Once the tooth is in the desired position, new bone growth will support the tooth and hold it firmly in place.

Braces consist of four basic elements:

  • Brackets that attach to the teeth
  • Bonding agents that attach the brackets to the tooth’s surface
  • A thin metal wire that runs along the brackets, placing pressure on teeth
  • A rubber band that joins the bracket to the arch wire

While more and more adults are choosing Invisalign treatment to correct misaligned teeth, there are still a number of advantages for choosing traditional metal braces, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Metal brackets are generally less expensive than other types of braces
  • Durability: Traditional braces are strong and rarely break
  • Versatility: Compared to Invisalign, traditional braces can correct a wider range of bite and alignment issues.

At Evolution Dental, we believe that patient education is just as important as providing comfort and quality care. During your consultation with Dr. Schick, she will describe what to expect with traditional braces to give you a clear picture of how the treatment works.

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